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To help you choose the right foam for the job, we give a guide to the best choice for the task you have in mind.

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Marine/Outdoor Foam

We offer 9 grades of Foam - Economy Foam - Standard foam - Heavy density Luxury Reflex foam, Premier Quality Latex foam, Chip Foam, Thin Foam Sheeting, and Profiled Bed Overlay, and
NEW! Marine/Outdoor Foam

All our foam grades meet the latest fire retardantcy regulations All are produced using the latest technological advances and are now superior to the the old non retardant foams. Another advantage of the new foams, they are considered to be more non allergenic for those where this is an important factor.

Economy Foam
This is the least expensive of our range, and is generally chosen for use with back cushions, headboards, packaging and light seating.

Standard Foam
This is one of our most popular foams, and is chosen for mattresses, firm back cushions, seating

Heavy Density foam
A firm foam, general seating, boat seating, vehicle seating and mattresses


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We stock all grades of foam from Economy, to Luxury Reflex® foam, and Premier Quality Latex foam rubber.
We can cut your foam to size or shape for Furnishings,
Mattresses, Cushions, 3 piece suites, Caravans, Boats etc.

For tips on measuring before ordering - click on this link
You can view/download our MATERIALS (Hessians, Tools etc.,) price list as an Acrobat®Reader PDF file (156k) Here

Marine/Outdoor Foam
Easy Dry foam. ideal for Boats and Outdoor Furniture.

Luxury Reflex Foam

A luxury Foam developed to give you comfort and support without being hard, a cost effective substitute for Latex Foam in Cushions and Mattresses

Latex Premier Quality Foam
This is a natural rubber product, a luxury foam for seating and Mattresses

Chip Foam
Ideal for Kneelers, Bar Stools, Firm Seating. Maximum firmness with the minimum thickness

Thin Foam Sheeting
A useful thin foam, often chosen for lining boxes, drawers etc., padding for upholstery projects, packaging

Profiled Foam
Super comfort Bed Overlay, or popularly called "Egg Box Foam" because of its appearance. Quality foam for regular use.